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What to read? - links

  It all started with Tenderbutton. Now he's gone, and I feel sooo special that I know the password to his acrhive. I'm dreaming of Dylan Stiles to come over here from Chemistry World Blog and permit me to share his wisdom and keen language with others. Anyway. Here's a quick list:

OrgPrepDaily ran out of preps and posts random, but useful and interesting stuff.
Totallysynthetic - 100% unnatural!
In the Pipeline - solid opinion of experienced chemist. On everything. I especially like "How not to do it".
[Solid, he-he] Carbon-based curiosities - kittens, bright colors and chemistry. :)
Totally Medicinal - peek at how Pharma works.
Transition State - my ex-labmate Tynchtyk's blog.
Chembark - hard to give a short description. "A blog about chemistry".
Organometallic Current - name speaks for itself.
Sceptical Chymist - blog from Nature.
Levorotation - a bit forsaken blog, intended to be focused on asymmetric chemistry.
Chemical Musings - theory, mechanisms, and more.
Molecule of the Day - molecules of everyday importance.
The Chem Blog - famous source of inspiration for E. J. Corey.
Blog @ Chemical Forums - written by several people from Chemical Forums. forums - hey, we've got more posts than .com!

  It took me like 5 hours to write this post.

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