Liquid Carbon (liquidcarbon) wrote,
Liquid Carbon

Digging Chemdraw.

  Folks, we're about to reach the highest Dan of Chemdraw, the mastery of which enables you to make molecules without even lifting your ass from the chair. Yeah, dream on.

  Last time I was talking about some basics, and also hotkeys, which are absolutely crucial to productivity in any computer work. Quoting myself, "what ChemDraw really lacks is the hotkeys for switching between different drawing tools" — now I refute this statement. Find a file called CS Chemdraw HotKeys.txt under ChemDraw Items folder. On XP it's hiding somewhere in the Application Data dumpster, I hope you can find in on a Mac (yeah, I'm a PC, whatever). You can manually edit the hotkeys in there. Here's how I have it set up:

  It's a little funny that these settings sit in a separate .txt file, but this is what we get when we don't provide much needed feedback to the developers. I'm going to write them. Some of them (arrows, brackets) actually don't work.

  Finally, I present you... the "making" of the notorious aspidophytine. *exasperated gasp* However, let us not be overly cynical, for The Man actually gave us ChemDraw. I learned it from the preface to "The Logic of Chemical Synthesis". Moreover, in all his publications EJ actually abides by his original style used in the book, which quite different from what's commonly used. You can read about a recent synthesis of aspidophytine here at And, seriously, Angewandte, you waved the haplophytine flag like a year ago already, and it's still "almost published" in the VIP papers. Haplophytine is the bigger cousin of aspidophytine, which might have killed many more Japanese grad students. We just don't know about it, because they go straight to heaven North Korea.

  Note how my cursor doesn't even leave the screen to reach for different drawing tools. Note the use of Rotate and Join tools. This was the fifth try, I believe. This is at native speed, try beating my 71 seconds!

  Recorded with the outrageously awesome and free CamStudio. Drawn at 200% magnification. Drawing settings used:
Fixed Length: 0.525 cm
Bold Width: 0.07 cm
Line Width: 0.035 cm
Margin Width: 0.07 cm
Hash Spacing: 0.084 cm
Font: Calibri, size 9
Tags: advice, drawing, making molecules, total synthesis

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