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Nature, 447, 141 (10 May 2007)

  And noone blogged? Ok, I didn't, but the blogosphere is big. But do you know this Nature article actually quotes Derek Lowe, as I did? Wait, does it mean that 5 years later Nature will quote me? :)

  I have nothing else to say on the subject. There you go, guys. What now? Tantalum pentaazide? Uranium hexaazide? Rhenium heptaazide? They also quote Eaton's octanitrocubane, which was an immense pain in the ass to synthesize. The funny thing is that my classmate used to tell me 2-3 years ago that this is top secret research that noone (except him, somehow) knows about and that it is equivalent by weight to 0.2 uranium nuclear bombs. He's very smart, he just has... strange sources of information.

  Nature also quotes Science, how cute. This one is about radical catalysis. Though there were some random examples of such thing, it's not too much to say that David W. C. MacMillan discovered NEW chemistry. See the group announcements: SOMO (single occupied molecular orbital) catalysis was even featured on TV (my dreams come true)!

  See also:
  ACIEE, 2006, 46, 1168 — the paper about 13 (un)happy atoms is here; — C&EN on tetraazidomethane;;
  Science, 2007, 316, 582 — MacMillan's paper.

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